Subconscious Mind Healing

A two way communication with the Subconscious Mind to allow complete and total transformation at a deep core level.

Working with Ego States to release emotional pain and trauma

What is Subconscious Mind Healing? How does it work?

What is Subconscious Mind Healing?

Subconscious Mind Healing, is a gentle, private and non invasive therapy that will assist you to remove toxic negative emotions or deeply held negative beliefs.

The procedure is based on the assumption that emotional disorders arise from the presence of dissociated distressed ego states.  We like to explain this to our clients as wounded parts of self, or emotional ghosts anchored in our minds from the past.

Formed during traumatic experiences, mainly in childhood, but may include any traumatic life event, which you surprisingly  MAY or MAY NOT be aware of.  

Consciously you may think - I don't have any trauma or issue, yet subconsciously you may be holding onto inner hurt, wounds, resentment or deep unacknowledged trauma.

So often in life we don't afford ourselves the time to heal or process trauma which sadly, but undeniably often rears its ugly head years and years later. 

Subconscious Mind Healing detects these ego states and reintegrates them into the prime personality, resolving previous subconscious conflicts and alleviating symptoms.

Symptoms can be vast and different for each individual, however, we do see many of these listed below.

Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Rage, Restlessness, Nervousness, Hatred, Hostility, Confusion and so many more debilitating issues.

How Subconscious Mind Healing Works

Working with the assistance of the Subconscious Mind to find and reconcile a ‘lost’ child's ego state or distressed adult state.  Lost Child and Distressed Adult States form during and as a result of childhood trauma and shock unexpected adult trauma.

Examples may include sexual and physical abuse, hurt, shame, blame, or negative interactions with a parent or authority figure.

Subconscious Mind Healing relieves the lost child or distressed adult ego state from trauma by consolidating the child with the now-adult person.

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James Childs, Clinical Hypnotherapist, conducting a session of Subconscious Mind Healing.

James Childs, Clinical Hypnotherapist, conducting a session of Subconscious Mind Healing.

Why Choose Subconscious Mind Healing?

There is no need to relive the trauma.

The therapy is completely private.

You don't have to tell your therapist the story. 

You, as the client assume the role of the therapist.  Generating healing from within. 

The work is done at a deep subconscious level.

We as human beings have the capacity to heal from within, this process allows you to step into your own unique and innate healing capabilities.

The therapy allows you to access your own inner wisdom and knowing.

Changes are lifelong.


Ask Yourself - Who's running the Show?

Do you ever experience child like outbursts that you find hard to explain?

Have loved ones commented you have anger, rage or frustration issues?

Do you sometimes feel like you're losing the plot?

Or do you occasionally act in ways that are uncharacteristic of who you are on a regular basis?

If so, it may a different part of self or even a trapped ego state that pops into the driver's seat when triggered. 

Subconscious Mind Healing is a therapy that can help you understand what may be happening for you. 

When you allow yourself to emotionally heal, things start to change.

Applications, What can SMH be used for?

Subconscious Mind Healing can be used for most emotional health states. 

The applications are vast.  If your condition is emotion, fear or trauma based Subconscious Mind Healing will be highly effective.

Removing emotional toxicity and freeing yourself of the past provides a channel for fresh new energy and a life of your choosing.

You can't change the past, but you can file it away in order to live in the present.

You can't change the past, but you can file it away in order to live in the present.

The Benefits

Free yourself from emotional pain.

Stop the cycle of fear and self recrimination.

Remove the ghosts from the past, to live in the present.

Remove emotional toxicity, manifesting in physical form.

Live a valued and calm life choosing your reactions.

Afford yourself space and time to enjoy life.

Dr Bruce Lipton Explains how we work with the mind to effect reprogramming.

Heightened Awareness and Complete Healing

Heightened Awareness and Complete Healing

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Total Life Transformation

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