Couples Counselling

Our sister business is HILLS COUPLES COUNSELLING

Do you feel more like room mates than partners?

Has the spark gone from your relationship?

Are you embroiled in constant conflict and ongoing fighting?

Feel like you're a hamster on a wheel of never ending nagging or feel completely unheard and unappreciated?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, it's definitely time to get professional help. 

We have specialised and dedicated relationship training as follows:

  • Prepare Enrich Building Stronger Relationships.  We are CPF accredited. Certified Professional Facilitators. 

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy.   Gottman Trained Therapists. 

  • Love Languages Accredited Therapists.  Learn the Language of Love.

  • Certified Members of MAREAA.  Marriage and Relationship Educators of Australia Association.  

  • Trained in Emotion Focused Therapy. EFT.

  • Trained in GESTALT therapy.  

    Our dedicated training ensures you are not seeing a 'generalist' Counsellor, you are seeing Counsellors with very specific and targeted training to help you get your relationship back on track. 

    We are the only Clinic in the Hills District of Sydney offering our UNIQUE COUPLE TO COUPLE relationship therapy. 

    Our Relationship suite of Therapies includes:

  • Couple to Couple Sessions with the Hills Love Doctors 
  • Individual Marriage Counselling
  • Family Therapy
  • Mediation Services
  • Parenting Support and Parenting Programs
  • Separation Counselling
  • Infidelity Rescue and Repair Counselling
  • Intimacy Coaching
  • Moving Forward and Reclaiming your indentity afer separation Coaching



Couples Counselling. Frequently Asked Questions.


Why See a Couples Counsellor?

There are times when a relationship completely breaks down or becomes so toxic and hostile that any type of attempted communication immediately results in labelling, conflict and angst.  People can become so overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted that it's easier to check out rather than work on what's wrong.   Often couples don't have the tools or resources to navigate positive change in their relationship. 

A Counsellor will assist you to identify what is happening in the relationship, why you feel disconnected or detached.  We are then able to implement practical tools to allow you to start the process of reconnection. 

What if my partner doesn't want to participate?

If your partner doesn't want to attend you can still attend on your own.  In fact, we have found that in many cases when a partner sees and experiences positive change in their partner they are often motivated to make some changes too.

What can I expect?

Many couples have a preconceived idea of what Couples Therapy will be like.  In almost all cases couples are very surprised and relieved after their first session.  Our couples therapy is unique in that we take time to perform a diagnostic on the relationship, using proven tools to identify WHY you have disconnected and WHAT is at the core of the relationship floundering. 

We understand that relationships are complex and often require creative and targeted solutions to enable reconnection. 

We have dedicated and extensive training in relationship counselling. 

Part of our protocol includes defining your desired outcome at the outset. 

In short, you can expect a deeper understanding of your partner and a more universal understanding of what it takes for relationships to function healthy and whole. 

What are the fees?

The investment for Couples Counselling is as follows:

Hills Love Doctors TM Couple to Couple Counselling  90 minute session is $300. 

Single Therapist Couple Counselling with James Childs 90 minute session is $180.
Single Therapist Couple Counselling with Vicki Childs 90 minute session is $215.

Individual Relationship Therapy with Vicki or James 90 minute session is $140. 

Family Mediation. Up to 6 members present. 90 minute session is $250.

Separation Counselling with James Childs 90 minute session is $180.
Separation Counselling with Vicki Childs 90 minute session is $215.

Intimacy Coaching with James Childs 90 minute session is $180. 
Intimacy Coaching with Vicki Childs 90 minute session is $215.

RECALIBRATE Personal Coaching with Vicki Childs - Life Coach is $699 for a 4 week x 1 hour program. 

Please note:  Initial sessions are 90 minutes in duration.  Second/subsequent/follow up visits are 60 minutes in duration. 

Can I claim a rebate?

You may be able to claim a rebate.   If you are in a private health fund with your extras allocated to counselling, hypnotherapy, or alternative/additional therapies.   

Please check with your fund. 

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