19. Apr, 2020

Discipline, Flow & Surrender. Coping Tips for Isolation.

Isolation Tips for Coping with the ongoing Quarantine Situation.
Hi, Friends and Followers of our Lifeforce Hypno and Counselling Page.
I'd like to offer the following information and accompanying tips on how to continue to cope with the present situation of Isolation and Quarantine.
One of the first things you can do to help yourself cope is to take a look at the graphic below. It's a simple formula, but one which may lead you to understand more about your feelings and emotions during this challenging time.
Step 1
During Isolation and Quarantine, it is vitally important you undertake to be disciplined in your actions and behaviours. What this means is to be disciplined in following the rules around quarantine. In short, stay home and be safe. Importantly, be disciplined wherever you can. If you're normally very disciplined about your diet, keep that up. If you're a person who enjoys your gym workouts, keep that up at home. If you normally follow a routine, which has been disrupted by having to do things from home, try to incorporate as much 'normal' as you can in your day to day activities.
By being disciplined with yourself and maintaining personal standards and habits, we gain a sense of control. It may only be in one area of your life and for now, that's okay.
Being home and out of your normal environment doesn't mean you have to let yourself go or throw your hands up in dismay, you still have some control over how your life plays out each and every day.
If you're feeling totally overwhelmed and feel like you at the mercy of outside forces try to just exercise one form of discipline a day. It can be as simple as packing the dishwasher and having a clean benchtop. Any chore, any act of service, any activity which gives you a sense of accomplishment is a way of being disciplined and maintaining some sense of normality.
Step 2
During this time, the very best thing anyone can do for their mental health is to simply allow things to flow. At present, it's no use trying to predict the future. None of us truly know what is forthcoming from day to day.  But, the big question here is, did we really have that type of control previously? While we had more of a routine, we still did not possess the ability to dictate EXACTLY what tomorrow would bring.
Remind yourself daily, It's temporary and it's transient. There's a lot to be said for going with the flow. It may not be how you want things to be, but radical acceptance without allowing yourself to move to that space of anxiety and fear will allow you to stay grounded and connected to reality.
Flow in terms of positive psychology is defined as the following; a flow state, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.
Undertake to find your flow within your family, your home, your friends (via social or phone) and practise gratitude for what you do have. The more you fight the way things are, the more you are likely to generate feelings of overwhelm.
It's all about acceptance. Radical acceptance of what is.
Step 3
Many people find the word or premise of Surrender brings up negative connotations. For some, it may even trigger feelings of loss or bring your thoughts to those of being a loser or not being tough enough.
Surrender in its most pure form is simply to release resistance. When working with clients, I prefer to define Surrender as a form of yielding or even deferring.
In terms of mental health and the present Isolation and Quarantine situation, there's absolutely nothing to be achieved by trying to fight what is. We are all in isolation and quarantine. Life has changed for all of us in some way, even Essential Workers are not free from change.
When you let go of thoughts about how life used to be or notions of entitlement you can begin the process of pleasant surrender. This doesn't mean that you have to like what is going on. It simply means that you accept what is. You personally cannot change this global pandemic, but you CAN ensure your home environment and those nearest and dearest are supported and nurtured by the actions you take today to ensure your mental health and equilibrium are maintained through simple acts of kindness, self-care and the above 3 elements.
I know it's hard and change of any type is hard to accept for most. Please remember that if nothing changes, nothing changes.
Try going with your own FLOW
This week we have carried many Online Sessions, clients report just talking to someone outside of the family or confines of your own environment has helped so much.
We currently offer reduced fees in accordance with standard Mental Health Care Plans.
Authored by Vicki Childs.  Registered Counsellor.  Clinical Hypnotherapist. Cert Life Coach. NLP and EFT Practitioner.