23. Feb, 2019



Sometimes we refuse to put any effort into creating a good life for ourselves because we believe that we don't deserve it.  The belief that we aren't deserving usually comes from our early childhood experiences.  Maybe the belief came from our early experiences with a sibling or with a teacher.  Perhaps we were told that we couldn't have what we wanted if we didn't eat all of the food, clean our room, or put our toys away neatly.  Or maybe we were subjected to one of the many forms of abuse.  We could be buying into another person's concept or opinion that has nothing to do with our own reality.

Deserving has everything to do with HAVING good in our lives.  It's our unwillingness to ACCEPT that gets in the way.  Allow yourself to accept good, whether you think you deserve it or not.

Here are a  few questions you can ask yourself in relation to Deservability.  Grab a piece of paper, your dairy, or a notebook and complete this exercise to understand more about the power of deservability 


Your answers can be as long or as short as you need them to be - let it flow from within.

  1. What do you want that you do NOT have now?  Be clear and specific about your desires.

  2. What were the laws/rules in your home about deserving?  Did they tell you that 'you don't deserve' or 'you deserve a good smack'?  Did your parents feel deserving?  Did you always have to earn in order to deserve?  Did earning work for you?  Were you told that you were no good?  Or that 'sinners' don't deserve?  Were things taken away from you when you did something wrong?

  3. Do you feel that you deserve?  What is the thought that comes up:  Later, when I earn it?  Or I have to work for it first?  Are you good enough?  Will you ever be good enough?

  4. Do you deserve to live?  Why?  Why not?  Were you ever told  '"You deserve to die" if so, was this part of your religious upbringing?

  5. What do you have to live for?  What is the purpose of your life?  What meaning have you created?  Are you filled with joy when you awaken?

  6. Whom do you need to forgive in order to deserve?  Bitterness puts a wall around our hearts and makes it difficult for us to receive.

  7. What do you deserve?  Do you believe:  I deserve love and joy and all good?  Or do you feel deep down that you deserve nothing?  Why?  Where did the message come from? Are you willing to let it go?  What are you willing to put in its place?  Remember, these are thoughts, and thoughts can be changed.

 From the above, you can see that personal power is affected by the way we perceive our DESERVABILITY.   You deserve the life you believe you can have!