27. Nov, 2017

Random Thoughts : Don't put your life on Hold


I see many clients come into the Clinic with their lives on hold.

Sometimes they are waiting until things get 'better', or until they have lost some weight, or even until they are given permission to move forward in life from a current or ex-partner. This can happen as a voluntary or involuntary action, often clients will struggle with defining exactly what 'better' really means for them.

There have even been occasions where clients have ceased to live an active life due to the fear of scrutiny or criticism from others. While I understand this concept, I also know from a Therapeutic viewpoint, that collectively, we cannot be the 'thought police.' We cannot control what others think or feel about us.

Trying to control another person's thoughts is about as futile as trying to extinguish a raging fire with oil. The reality is, you're not going to put the fire out and in fact, you will simply fan the flames by using the wrong 'medium' to extinguish the source of the flames.

There's a certain magic, a certain empowerment of self when you decide to live by your own rules, free of the constraints of judgement, of both self and others. It's also quite astonishing to realise that the more you cast aside your inner critic, the more you learn to accept others.

It's one of the most liberating things you can 'learn' in life. The important message here is, there's never really going to be a perfect time in life. Yes, things may be managed and controlled, but really, when we attempt to define 'perfect' - what is perfect?

I really like this accompanying meme and it speaks to me in a simple yet eloquent way. NOW, now is the time to grab hold of your life and enjoy every moment as it occurs.

Please don't wait, please don't put your life on hold. All we have is the now. Living in the past leads to depression, living in the future leads to anxiety. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to simply enjoy the day, week, month, as it chooses to unfold.

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