6. Aug, 2017

Sunday Session - Change. Tips to cope with Change


Tips on How to cope with all types of change.

By Vicki Childs JP. MACA.  Registered Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Energy Healer.





There is one thing we can all count on experiencing in life.  That 'thing' is change.

Change can arrive unexpectedly or change can be something that is carefully planned.

Regardless of HOW change comes about in our lives, it can be very difficult to cope with, even when the change is positive, expected and anticipated.

There are occasions when change can cause complete havoc in our lives and times when change allows us to understand that perhaps some change was needed in order for us to gain insight into ourselves and others around us.

The process of CHANGE of any type requires a 'shift'. A shift in how we think, feel and approach all matters relevenat to us and our own unique Map Of The World. 

More to come.....