Stop Smoking 3 Week Program $550

Program Includes:

  • Personalised Program - Fully Customised to your specific needs.
  • 1x 90 Minute Initial Hypnosis Session.  2 x follow up 60-minute Hypnosis Sessions.
  • Lifeforce Quit Smoking 20 page Comprehensive Workbook.
  • Rule Book and Support Literature.
  • Oral Fixation Replacement Mystery Gift.
  • MP3 delivered to your device of choice. 


Program Requirements:

  • You must agree to listen to our MP3 daily for a period of 30 days.  Failure to do so will make your journey to being a non-smoker much more difficult and decrease your ability to successfully quit.
  • You must agree to take some harmless vitamins and supplements for 72 hours from the initial appointment.
  • You must agree to adequately hydrate.
  • You must agree to eat 3 meals a day while you are taking our program. 
  • You must agree to use our diversion/distraction tool.
  • You must agree to clear out all secret staches and emergency cigarettes.
  • We request you do not come to the appointment with cigarettes in your pocket, wallet, purse or car,  this indicates you are not ready to quit. 


    Our customised Stop Smoking Program has a 95% success rate, provided YOU are genuine and ready to Quit. This means you are ready to completely give up, to change a habit which is unproductive and costly.  To find out more call us today or book our program online by clicking the button below.


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  • The Benefits of Quitting Smoking

  • Lifeforce Stop Smoking Workbook